Frequently Asked Questions

Swift2Pay is a bill payment platform that allows you purchase airtime, data and renew your TV and eletricity bills from the comfort of your home and offices.
You can your account by clicking the create account button on Ensure to register with your accurate details
You can fund your wallet by clicking the fund wallet button on the dashboard. Wallet funding can be via debit card, bank and other payments options available on the payment modal
Ensure your wallet is funded with service amount equivalent. Click on the service you wish to purchase, enter the required details and thats all!
Value are giving instantly on every successfull transaction
QR code are used to to accept payment from other Swift2Pay users by scaning their QR code. You can activate your QR code by clicking the QR code tab on the settings page.
You can become a Swift2pay agent by registering @ As a Swift2pay agent you earn commission on every succesful transaction completed.
Yes. Failed trasansactions are automatically reversed
No. Swift2pay does not save your card details

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