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You must read, agree with, and accept the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, before you may become a corporate or individual user of swift2pay (S2PAY) platform or mobile application. Customers who are under 18 years of age should review these terms and conditions with a parent or guardian. The onus is on you to access our Terms & Agreements, as well as any amendments made thereto and to contact Swift2pay.com or 08050579321 in the event of any queries you may have.

1. Terms/Definition:
“Account” or "Wallet" is an electronic stored value account on S2pay created for use by the customer or Agent. Credits, debits and charges are applied to this Account. The Account is primarily accessed through your mobile phone, the S2pay online systems, and mobile applications.

“S2pay Wallet" means an electronic stored value account on S2pay used to perform transactions. “Registered phone number" refers to any phone number that has been registered on S2pay.

"Products" refer to S2pay (Swift2pay) products, including person-to-person money transfer, bill payments, airtime top-up, S2pay retail payments services or other Merchant products and services provided through S2pay.

"Linked Bank Account/Card" refers to the bank account or bank debit or credit card that you have linked to your S2pay Account. This allows you to carry out transactions using funds from your bank account or bank card instead of using your S2pay Account balance. “Agents”, refers to any party or device, including authorized S2pay Agents, Merchants, ATMs, connected kiosks and bank tellers that facilitate swift2pay (S2pay) transactions on behalf of customers.

“ATM” means automated teller machine.

"BVN" means Biometric Verification Number used by the banking industry in Nigeria and issued by a CBN approved financial institution. "CBN" means for the Central Bank of Nigeria

"Content" means all information whether textual, visual, audio or otherwise, appearing on or available through the services. "Credit" means the movement of funds into an Account or Wallet.

"Debit" means the movement of funds out of an Account or Wallet. "NUBAN" means Nigerian Unified Banking Account Number. "OTP" means One Time Pin, used to authorize transactions or processes.

"S2pay" refers to the financial services products offered by Flutterwave, with a central feature being a transactional account(s) that may be used in relation to a wide variety of services.

"PIN" means personal identification number being the secret code you choose for secure use of (and access to) your S2pay account. "Services"; any products and services provided to the customer as part of S2pay.

"S2pay Wallet" means an electronic stored value account on S2pay used to perform transactions. "Partner Service Provider:" means any person or entity that offer its services or products through S2pay.

"SMS" or "Short Message Service" is a standard communication service.

Some services on this platform would attract a charge. For a list of services that would attract fees, please click on our FAQ.

Please click on our FAQ for a description of the minimum and maximum amounts that can be paid using this Platform.

In the event of a failed transaction (i.e. user has been debited for transaction, but value was not received), please send the following details to info@swift2pay.com for resolution: user’s mobile number, transaction amount, transaction date, transaction type and any other detail we would request to enable us resolve your complaint. We shall use our best endeavors to liaise with the applicable financial institution, telecommunication company and/or merchant to reverse the said sum as soon as possible.

Your email address and phone number supplied at sign-up will be used as a means of communicating information, notices and documents to you. Any changes to such information should be logged as a ticket on info@swift2pay.com


  • You are responsible for all transactions conducted using your computer (personal or otherwise), mobile phone, tablet or other electronic device (“Device”), payment card or account. It is your responsibility to keep all of these secure
  • All passwords must be kept secret. You are liable for all activities undertaken using your username, associated password or Device. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all Account information and keeping your Device from unauthorized use.
  • We accept no liability for any unauthorized use of your Device, payment card or account or any effects of same.
  • In the event your Device has been stolen or there is an unauthorized access to your payment card or account, it is your responsibility to immediately notify your bank to restrict transactions on your card and account.
  • In the event your Device has been stolen or there is an unauthorized access to your swift2pay account, it is your responsibility to immediately log as a ticket on info@swift2pay.com
  • If you dispute any purchase or withdrawal on your card or account, you will be required to prove that the transaction was effected without your authorization and such transaction will be investigated by our Fraud Team once we receive a logged ticket on info@swift2pay.com

  • You may access the available funds in your Account or Wallet at any time using any of the channels you choose, including your mobile phone and the Internet. While we make every reasonable attempt to provide the services as described in our marketing and educational materials, we offer the services "as is" and without any warranties.
  • Some transactions on Swift2pay may require you to input your pre-configured PIN, you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your PIN and login details of your Account. You must protect the secrecy of your PIN and login details and prevent fraudulent use of the same.
  • Your Account or Wallet will be credited with any deposits made into it, and the credit will be available for transactions immediately after they are cleared.
  • We will verify and confirm any record of a deposit into your Account. Our records will be taken as correct unless the contrary is proved.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, please note that some transaction limits may be further reduced from the approved CBN limits, this may be done based on channels or particular types of transactions as part of our risk control process.
  • You undertake throughout the duration of your use of Swift2pay to comply with anti-fraud and money laundering regulations applicable in Nigeria. In particular, you undertake to respond diligently to any request from Swift2pay or a regulatory or judicial authority regarding any anti-fraud and money laundering activity on your Account.
  • Any breach of the anti-fraud and money laundering regulations by you constitutes a serious breach of this Terms of Use and we reserve the right to immediately suspend or close your Account.
  • The proceeds from suspected fraudulent or money laundering transactions shall be kept by Swift2pay pending an internal decision or a judicial or administrative decision.

  • When making a payment to a Merchant on Swift2pay, you will be required to confirm the transaction. At this time, you may also be requested to enter your Password or PIN depending on the channel. By entering your Password or PIN to confirm the transaction you agree and confirm that you authorized the transaction. You cannot directly reverse or cancel any payment once it has been approved by you.
  • When making a payment on a merchant website using Swift2pay, you will be required to log into your Swift2pay account, before payment can be made.
  • As we are unable to reverse or charge-back any payments made, should you have a dispute with any Merchant, you should resolve such disputes with the Merchant directly.
  • Disputes between you and a Merchant will not affect our right to recover payments from you.

  • We may suspend, restrict, or terminate the provision of our services (in whole or in part) and or close your Account without any liability whatsoever under the following circumstances:
  • I. upon receiving a request from you at any time to close your Account, we will do so.

    II. if you notify us that your phone has been lost or stolen or your PIN has been compromised, we place your account on hold Account.

    III. if in any way we know or suspect your Account is being used fraudulently, negligently or for illegal activities or if we must do so to comply with the law, we may close your Account, restrict activity on your Account or suspend access to your Account.

    IV. In the event the suspected fraudulent or suspicious activity has been confirmed we will be required by the regulators to report the associated BVN to the BVN watchlist database, with all regulatory penalties applicable.

    V. if we believe that you are in breach of these Terms of Use, you are trying to compromise our systems, you are unreasonably interfering with any services provided by us, or for any other purpose in protection of our interests, we may close your Account

    VI. We will not be responsible to you for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages arising from any act or omission by us or any third party for whom we are responsible, whether arising in contract, delict or statute, if we close or suspend your Account in accordance with this Terms and Conditions.

    VII. In any case where your Swift2pay Account is closed for any reason and has a balance of funds, upon your request to Customer Services, the balance will be made available to you for withdrawal barring any legal or regulatory provisions against such.


  • When you sign up for Swift2pay you will be required to provide us with your name, email, gender, and birth date, among other information. In some cases, we may ask for additional information for security reasons or to provide specific services to you.
  • We may disclose any information we collect about you to third parties as set forth below:
  • I. to regulatory bodies

    II. to financial institutions

    III. to companies, such as email service providers that perform marketing services on our behalf

    IV. to third parties to enable us provide Service to you; and if required to be disclosed under applicable law, or stock exchange regulation or by a government order, decree, regulation or rule or by a court order.

  • When using our mobile applications, we ask for permission to be granted access to the following features: Camera: allows you take a profile picture, scan and capture payment card details to make payments easier and faster Photo Library: allows you access to your photos as an optional source for your profile picture Fingerprint or Facial Recognition: allows you securely log into the application. We will only ask for permission the first time the user attempts to use any of these functions. Thereafter the user may manage access through their settings option on the device.
  • You may change your personal identifiable information on Swift2pay at any time by contacting Customer Service or accessing your account profile online. Some of such information will be updated immediately, while others may require further verification before it is updated.

  • If you believe that an unauthorized or otherwise problematic transaction has taken place on your Account, you agree to notify us immediately, to enable us take action to help prevent financial loss.
  • All claims against us related to payments should be made within thirty (30) days after the date of such payment. It will be taken that you waive all claims against us, to the fullest extent of the law after the said period of time.
  • You are responsible for and agree to indemnify us for all reversals, charge-backs, claims, fees, fines, penalties and other liability incurred by us (including costs and related expenses) caused by or arising from payments that you authorized or accepted.
  • If you enter into a transaction with a third party and have a dispute over the goods or services you purchased, we have no liability for such goods or services. Our only involvement with regard to such transaction is as a payment agent.
  • We may intervene in disputes between users concerning payments but have no obligation to do so.
  • The transaction ID and transaction details will be required to resolve all disputes
  • 12. GENERAL

  • We are not responsible for any loss arising from any failure, malfunction, or delay in any mobile phone networks, mobile phones, ATMs, the Internet or terminals or any of its supporting or shared networks, resulting from circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
  • All copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights used as part of our services or contained on our websites, documents or other materials are owned and controlled by Swift2pay. You agree that you acquire no rights to the same and shall not copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute such material in any way, including by e-mail or other electronic means and whether directly or indirectly and you must not assist any other person to do so.
  • You acknowledge and agree that these Terms and Conditions are governed by Nigerian law and any breach of these Terms and Conditions will be considered as having taken place in Nigeria.
  • The Parties shall use their best efforts to amicably settle all disputes arising out of or in connection with the performance or interpretation of this Terms and Conditions. Any dispute or differences arising out of the construction, interpretation or performance of the obligations created under this relationship which cannot be settled amicably within one (1) month after receipt by a party of the other party's request for such amicable settlement may be referred to arbitration under the Lagos State Arbitration Law 2009. The arbitration award shall be final and binding. The place of arbitration shall be in Lagos, Nigeria and the language of arbitration shall be English language.

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